Emma CrumptonEmma Crumpton
I've Passed
Steve is an excellent driving instructor, very calming and clearly wants you to do well. He is also willing to let you lead your lessons, so you are able to work on the areas you wish to work on. Couldn't recommend Steve enough.

Alfred Taylor JonesAlfred Taylor Jones
Passed First Time
Steve was a brilliant instructor, who made me feel at ease from my very first lesson. He was extremely patient, let me learn at my own speed and also had a great sense of humour. I could contact him whenever I had a question or query and he would always respond promptly. I passed first time but I don't think I would have been able to if it wasn't for Steve.

Katie CrumptonKatie Crumpton
Got there eventually!
I first started learning to drive around 8 years ago and failed my test 6 times as I really struggled with anxiety. After a break of about 6 years I decided to try again. After researching instructors I chose to learn with Steve due to his pleasant and friendly manner on the phone. He made me feel at ease straight away and explained each step very clearly which really helped me cope with my anxiety. After only a few months I felt confident in taking my test. While I didn't pass first time with Steve, he helped me keep my confidence and the belief in myself strong, and second time around I passed with only 4 minors. Overall a brilliant instructor and the method of training suited me aswell.

Harrie KayeHarrie Kaye
Passed First Time
Steve was a fantastic instructor, he got me through my driving test. From the very first lesson he really helped me with my nerves, he taught me good tactics and skills when driving on the road. I found the book very good preparation for each lesson and really useful for going over things while we discussed things at the side of the road. I passed first time!

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