Hazard Perception Test Complete

Hazard Perception Test Complete


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The Hazard Perception Test Complete software product provides you with over 600 test simulation video clips suitable for car drivers, motorcyclists, LGV, PCV and ADIs. This product contains all the Hazard Perception Test clips found on the Driving Test Complete and Hazard Perception Test eXtra products combined. If you are only looking for a Hazard Perception Test product then this is the product for you. No other product for the Hazard Perception Test currently offers more. The only product to support properly balanced tests of either 14 or 19 video clips. The latter being necessary for the new LGV and PCV Theory Tests.

This 3 disk DVD-rom product was specially developed to overcome the ever increasing concerns about the Hazard Perception Test and the fact that most people who fail a car, motorcycle, lorry, bus or ADI Theory Test do so solely because of this part of the test. Don't let this happen to you, make sure you have the best study aid available. Make your first test your last with LDC's award winning software.

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Hazard Perception TestProfessional voice over is used extensively throughout the product for help, information, learning notes, tutorials, animations, video, questions, answers and hint advice and has been stated here to save repetition of this fact in the features and descriptions below.

Information learning module

  • Official DSA video introduction to the Hazard Perception Test.Hazard Perception Test
  • Comprehensive video tutorial and interactive presentation about the scoring mechanism and precisely what constitutes a developing hazard.
  • Three Multi-media interactive tutorials entitled
    • About the HP Test,
    • Hazard Perception skills and
    • Defensive Driving skills

    Hazard Perception Testincorporating 30 video clips and several interactive animated presentations.

Practice learning module

  • Thirteen tutorials covering each of the 13 common hazard perception test types that can appear on test and in the real world.
  • 14 Practice clips, one for each hazard test type and Hazard Perception Testone containing a double hazard for you to practice on with comprehensive review.
  • After being tested on any practice clip you are presented with a comprehensive review feature that enables you to replay any practice clip in full or in part using a drag bar line that also shows exactly where you clicked and where each section of the scoring window was with the option to pause at each score point.

Exam Testing module

  • Hazard Perception Test616 Hazard Perception video clips used to accurately simulate the Hazard Perception Test including the 10 Official DSA Hazard Perception sample video clips. All shot from outside of the car as on the real test.
  • 43 Full pre-set Hazard Perception test simulations with review option. Each test is unique and contains a properly balanced set of hazard test types.
  • Hazard Perception TestRandom Hazard Perception Test simulations with review option giving virtually unlimited test combinations.
  • After each pre-set or random test you are presented with a comprehensive test review feature that enables you to replay any test clip in full or in part using a drag bar line that also shows exactly where you clicked and where each section of the scoring window was with the option to pause at each score point.
  • Exceptionally accurate anti-cheat mechanism to help you determine what type of clicking is and is not allowed.
  • Hazard Perception TestVideo is shot from outside the car in full PAL resolution (i.e. 720 X 576) just as on the real test - not from behind the windscreen of the car in a lower, grainer resolution as on most other products. Nobody can match the quantity or quality of the shots we provide.

Review and retesting module

  • Review your test performance by hazard type and retake a test using just those clips for any particular hazard type you are weak on. Once you have made sure you are no longer weak on any particular type of hazard use the league table of weakest clips to polish off any final clip weaknesses.
  • Hazard Perception TestWeakest clip league table review and retest. Allows you to see and retest yourself on your ten weakest clips for any particular hazard type or across all types. Helps you to eliminate any final weaknesses you might have.
  • Pre-set Hazard Perception test simulation review so that you can re-examine any of the 43 previously taken pre-set tests from the testing module again.
  • Again as with the practice clip and test modules you have the comprehensive clip review features available to you.

Minimum PC specification
The minimum PC specification recommended to run the above software is as follows:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
CPU: Pentium II 800.
Hard Drive Space: Minimum - 281mb with HP clips on DVD-Rom.
Memory: 128mb.
Graphics: 800 x 600 x 32 bit colour.
DVD-Rom Speed: 2 x or faster.
Audio: 16bit SoundCard.

Although we are confident that the majority of Computers that satisfy this minimum specification will successfully run the program we can not guarantee this as other factors can also effect compatibility.

Brilliant!!!! - 5/5 Stars
My discs arrived from you the next morning, they are brilliant and so is your service!!!!!

Very good - 4/5 Stars
very good item at a good price and quick delivery, many thanks!!

Just Brilliant - 5/5 Stars
Great way of training for my ADI exam, highly recommended A******

excellent service, fast delivery - 5/5 Stars
excellent service and great product ,next day delivery perfect

ldc hazard test - 5/5 Stars
I want to say BIG Thanks for this product. Just practise this CD I passed my Hazard test 66 from 75 points. Really helpful. I recommend to everyone use just this CD if You can not pass a hazard test.

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